A bowl of milk

Hot rays blazing down He skipped through the tree shadows The week at the factory tiring But it was a holiday tomorrow


Tibetian Proverb

The secret to living longer is

Long Way to Go…

Last year, thousands of people marched in the Delhi Queer Pride Parade. Colourful and united, they stood proud of who they are. However, they were up against a nation that refused to recognise their identity masquerading behind "justice" and "equality".

That’s what people with a heart and brain would say

M- God, I have this friend who has been diagnosed with depression. He so isn’t fun anymore. L- What did you expect? That depression is laughs & games? M- No man, but he is making such a big deal out of nothing. Doesn’t talk, doesn’t come out of his room many a days, doesn’t joke or laugh. Hell, he can’t even work now properly.

The Child

That day, the jeep moved on Rubble on the ground, smoke in the air Gunshots piercing our courage went on Fear and death spread everywhere.

From Sissy to Self-made

Once, I used to envy all those girls and boys who weren’t the least bit nervous to speak their minds. Today, I’m proud to be one of those who cannot be easily faltered from what she believes is right.

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