That’s what people with a heart and brain would say

M- God, I have this friend who has been diagnosed with depression. He so isn’t fun anymore.

L- What did you expect? That depression is laughs & games?

M- No man, but he is making such a big deal out of nothing. Doesn’t talk, doesn’t come out of his room many a days, doesn’t joke or laugh. Hell, he can’t even work now properly.

L- “Big deal out of nothing”? Do you think anyone chooses that suffering?

M- Of course not. But you gotta fight it, right? You can’t sit back and be a sissy.

L- When an earthquake hits, what do you do?

M- Evacuate….why?

L- How come? You gotta fight. You can’t run away and be a sissy.

M- Come on, you can’t control earthquake.

L- You can’t control depression.

M- That’s not the same! Many people have overcome depression!

L- Only because they got help at the right time. It’s a prison that you can’t break on your own.

M- That’s what idiots and coward would say.

L- No, that’s what people with a heart and brain would say.

M- Look miss, everyone goes through life-threatening problems where all your confidence oozes out. But if you label that as “depression” and cry out your days, you’ll never come out of it.

L- So, was this friend of yours facing some life-threatening problem?

M- No.

L- So, is he pretending to have depression?

M- Of course not.

L- Then think about it, why is he going through all this?

M- I don’t know, it just came out of the blue!

L- See, there it is! We don’t know about it, don’t bother to find if it’s real and just decide on no basis that it is just a cooked up story by someone weak?

If a doctor with a PhD whom you’ve never known comes and tells you about a disease, you believe him. Then why can’t you believe your own friend who is fighting death everyday against something that thousands suffer from?

M- Well….you know, I just….

L- Owen Wilson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Princess Diana- all of them have fought depression. Not to mention million others; some fortunate enough to have overcome it, others trapped in the social stigma.

Find me a person who has gone through it and says it is caused or continued because of the victim. Have you heard anyone say that?

M- No.

L- You won’t. Because it’s not a weakness. You become helpless. It’s not something to be ashamed of. I pity those who don’t have the sense enough to understand this.

M- But what can we do? He has to come out if it, right?

L- You don’t tell a person with cancer to cure it himself. Find your heart sir. Understand your friend’s pain. Learn to empathize. Get him professional help. For all you know, tomorrow you shall have the same but no one to understand you. It’s said that everyone has a one-fourth chance to go into depression at least in his life.

M- I’m sorry.

L- Not to me, sir. You know to whom you should be.


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