Silence doesn’t mean ‘I have no words’

“To hear, one must be silent” -Ursula K. Le Guin

There are many times in life when we choose to remain silent, for a variety of reasons. And more often than not, our silence is misunderstood.

It maybe human tendency to equate silence with ignorance or absence of opinion. It maybe a characteristic of a person to judge someone (wrongly) by their silence. It maybe an inability of a person to understand that there’s more to a person than what seems.

Truth however, remains that silence conveys more than words sometimes. Unlike what people, it takes much more to remain silent and endure than to lose control and just blurt out. True, there are people who stay silent because they don’t have the courage to speak out. But it’s very foolish to think everyone would be the same.

Take for instance that person A is yelling and cursing at person B. Person B just smiles and says nothing. It’s not because person B can’t yell or curse, it’s because he chooses not to. It’s a sign of humility rather than weakness.

Every person has an opinion or thought. Same way, he/she would also have a reason for not voicing the same. Any smart person would acknowledge that silence should be more feared than words. Most of the time, the reason of the silence is that they think it’s not worth it. I remember reading somewhere that there’s power in restraining our words.

Like Marcus Tullius Cicero said, “Silence is one of the great arts of conversation”.


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