Crying is not Weak

We all know people who are headstrong and hardly ever cry. I’m sure there were times when many of us wished that we were not so emotional or sensitive. I also once thought that crying is a sign of weakness. Not anymore.

Tears are an instinct. Not just for humans but also for animals. But crying is way more.

There are times when your eyes get filled inadvertently but you blink them back. And there are times when you just breakdown and keep on crying till your eyes are red, have a headache or you fall asleep.

Thing is, it is okay. You don’t have to care if others judge you because 1) no one is cry-proof just like no one else is fail-proof and 2) if they do judge, nothing’s going to happen to you. At the most, you shall know what they really are.

There shall be moments in everyone’s life when nothing seems to be going right and you’re simply and utterly stuck. Do you want to let it all out? Do it. It’s pretty liberating actually.

But there are some things that would make you weak. And you must at any cost, avoid that:

Don’t cry daily: Yes, life maybe tough. Yes, you might be disheartened. Yes, you deserve more. But you have to refuse to give up.

Don’t hate yourself & your life: If you want to keep your chin high, you have to love yourself. You may not have control on what happens to you but you do control what you do. If you’re breathing, the possibilities don’t end.

Don’t feel embarrassed: Feeling low, anxious, desperate, hopeless or sad….is all being human. You never have to be ashamed to feel that. You’re not a machine.

Make a resolve: You cried for a reason. But now you’ve to get up and decide something that would make you stronger. This doesn’t guarantee that you shall never cry again. But it’ll definitely make you believe in yourself more. For all I know, it makes you stronger.

You got a tear gland. Better use it, right? 🙂


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