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Sometimes it's about not perseverance Sometimes it's not about hard work, Sometimes, it's a helplessness, as unintentional as a perk.


At first, nature and civilisation doesn't seem to go together... But you see, it can compliment... If only we willed it....

Brown, Green & Everything in Between

No matter what kind of a person you are or where your interest lies, no one can resist the beauty of nature. It's ironical how nature is a luxury for those in cities. Though  many times, they themselves don't realise it. Maybe some do...but most do not.

Long Way to Go…

Last year, thousands of people marched in the Delhi Queer Pride Parade. Colourful and united, they stood proud of who they are. However, they were up against a nation that refused to recognise their identity masquerading behind "justice" and "equality".

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